For Marc Thériault, audio has been a lifelong passion. From his early days growing up on the south shore of Montreal, music has deeply influenced and guided the path his life has taken. Learning early on the power and effect music can have on its listeners, Marc enjoys capturing that emotion in the work he does now.

Marc’s interests for electronics and sound began at a very early age. As a young child, he would use a small speaker to probe electricity in different circuits. Through his experiments, he quickly discovered the meaning of frequency and amplitude as well as the relationship that exists between acoustic and electrical waves.

Marc’s curiosities lead to a love for music which surfaced in the fifth grade. As somewhat of a rebel, he would play 45rpm during class while schoolgirls danced on the desktops. However, his passion was rewarded when he convinced the school’s headmaster to allow the first dance ever in its history. In middle school, Marc was the president of the school radio station and handled all of the productions. He initiated Friday dances with 10 cents cover charges and won friendships with faculty members by helping the school set up different systems and solve electronic problems.

At age sixteen, aside from DJ-ing and managing his own dance club, Marc was offered a job with a sound company. His passion kept him pedaling… literally; the company was an hour bicycle ride away from home! While practically living at work, he earned the opportunity to mix decent sized shows which quickly turned into good sized shows. By age twenty, Marc was busy mixing for the Montréal International Jazz Fest, as well as several other festivals. Soon he began work as an independent sound engineer and attended École Polytechnique de Montréal, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering, specializing in audio and signal processing. After graduating, Marc received a call to go on a world tour. This led to his first world tour with Celine Dion in 1996 and he has worked with her ever since.

After nine years in Las Vegas, Marc has been very fortunate to have worked, in addition to Céline Dion, many other mega-productions such as Cirque du Soleil. Wanting to perfect his art and learn everything he could about sound, he began studying classical music at the University of Las Vegas (UNLV). While at his school desk, Marc rediscovered his affinity for music arrangement and founded the duo band Amystheryum.

Aside from music, Marc is also busy working with numerous large corporations in product development and design for the audio industry; his mission, to improve the design and sound quality for the consumer and professional market.

At dawn of his 40’s, Marc is back in Montréal with his new project, a realization that combines his diverse skills in audio.  A natural culmination of his past that’ll use experience, creation and knowledge to feed his need as a consummate perfectionist . He is the co-owner and the engineer who has designed a state of the art mastering studio, Le Lab Mastering.

As an eclectic music lover, Marc’s greatest quality is that he understands and works with all aspects of the audio path. From electronic design to music creation, Marc captures and harmonizes the essence and emotion of both universes…